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Mercury MerCruiser Diesel

If you’ve been boating before, chances are you’ve set sail on a MerCruiser powered boat. They’ve been around for 50 years and the latest MerCruisers  are the most reliable, cost effective and easy to use so far. The only choice is, which diesel one will you fit to your boat?

2.0L (115-170hp)

Robust and Reliable

Combines reliable power with a compact, robust design.

2.8L (220hp)

Compact and Durable

Provides added power for mid-range vessels in either twin or single configurations.

3.0L (150-270hp)

Powerful and Compact

Redefining the standard in a powerful, compact and easy-to-service package

4.2L (270-350hp)

Durable and Powerful Designed for sterndrive and inboard applications.

TDI 3.0L (230-260hp)

Compact and Efficient

High-power density in a compact lightweight package.

TDI 4.2L (335-370hp)

Smooth and Powerful

This Mercury Diesel engine sets a new benchmark for low noise and vibration.

6.7L (480-550hp)

For Recreational Applications

Delivers exceptional performance, acceleration and top speed.

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